Description of the technical equipment and potentialities for insuring quality in the execution of the procurement


“SINKO-ENGINEERING” JSCo is a CONSULTANT company, which possesses Licence No ЛК– 000082/25.06.2004, issued by the Minister of regional development and public works.

 By virtue of this licence “SINKO-ENGINEERING” JSCo has a right:

1. To perform assessment of investment projects. For that purpose experts in the following fields are working on labour and civil contracts in the joint-stock company:

–         architecture and urbanism

–         industrial and civil construction

–         landscaping and park construction

–         technologies in the field of production processes

–         water-supply and sewerage of buildings and installations

–         electric fittings of buildings and installations

–         heating,  ventilation and air conditioning of buildings

–         hydro-ameliorative hydro-technical and hydro-power construction

–         road and railway construction

–         telecommunications

–         fire and emergency safety of buildings and installations, in compliance with the anti-fire and construction-technical standards

–         sanitary-hygiene requirements for the construction sites

–         geodesy, landscaping, land shaft

–         geological studies

–         jurist in the field of construction

2. To exercise construction supervision during the construction process. As a company, licenced as CONSULTANT, by its experts-supervisors to supervise and be responsible for:

–         lawful beginning of the construction;

–         completeness and correct compiling of the acts and the records during the constructions;

–         execution of the construction site in compliance with the approved projects;

–         observation of the requirements for labour safety and hygiene;

–         preventing damages on third persons and properties;

–         accessibility of the construction for people with disabilities;

–         energy efficiency of the construction site;

–         preparing of the final report, on the basis of which the fitness of the construction site for entering in exploitation is being determined.

On the grounds of the final report, accompanied by all necessary construction papers and documents, the approving instance in Republic of Bulgaria issues permission for use.

3. “SINKO-ENGINEERING” JSCo possesses Certificate No 232/17.03.2005 for “Coordinator on safety and health in the construction”, issued by Bulgarian-German professional center in the construction.

4. The joint-stock company has concluded insurance “Professional responsibility of the participants in the designing and construction”, issued by “Armeec” Insurance JSCo, Sofia:

–    To consultant, performing compliance assessment of the investment projects – insurance policy No 071001317А034347 from 12.07.2007.

– To consultant, exercising construction supervision – insurance policy No 071001317А034346  from 12.07.2007.

5. “SINKO-ENGINEERING” JSCo possesses:

–         office with 6 working premises; all premises are equipped with computers, connected in network;

–         24 hour internet connection – e-mail: sinkoeng@abv.bg

–         stationary telephones, mobile telephones; fax;

–         the company has at its disposal technical secretary and “Accountancy” department;

–         the company possesses up-to-date measurement devices ant tools, necessary for exercising the control over the implementing quantities of construction-mounting works at the construction sites;

–         the transportation to the construction sites is made by cars.

                                  Executive Director:

                                 /eng. Stefan Popov/